Destination…eh, Somewhere.

“It would not do to be found in the forest under these circumstances…” – HST

Fantabulous response to my Gosford100 post earlier in the week from a lot of very lovely human beings…

This made me excited.

So I went about finding the best route around the forest…

Y’see, I’ve been a tad concerned about the whole ‘4.5 mile x 22 times’ thing and whether it would actually drive me insane. It’s not the 100 miles that worries me,  it’s more how those 100 miles were being done. I’m afraid I may get dizzy from running in circles, so I have devised a new magical route around Le Parc de Gosford!

Look at the GPS thingymajig below (I don’t use a watch anymore so tracked it on my phone.) –

It’s 7 miles long & only has a slight overlap. It will have elevation of about 8,000ft & is trés Magnifiqué!!

So it’s now only a ‘7 mile x 14 times’ thing…

As you were.


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