The Gosford 100

OK, so I had an idea one day while running my usual Long run loop (4.5 miles)…

“I can run this loop 4 or 5 times on a Saturday morning”

“Surely that means I can run it 22 times?” (22.2222222 actually)

Now, I don’t know where I get my logic from, but I strongly suggest you shop elsewhere for yours. I think mines broke.

So, yes this year will see the inaugural running of the Gosford 100 mile foot race. (When I say ‘foot race’, it makes it sound so much more epic!)
Thing is though, it won’t be a race as I’ll be the only 100 mile participant. But ‘The Gosford 100 mile foot’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I’ll be doing this for a charity called Unique – they help families with kids that suffer from rare Chromosome Disorders. My own nephew, Joel, has been diagnosed with a rare Chromo Disorder, so I’m running it for the wee man.

Unique have been a huge support for his Mum & Dad, so really I just want to help highlight the symptoms & struggles that disorders like this carry with them (And raise a few quid too!)

100 miles should do it.

A few logistics like loop length & aid station stuff to sort. But it’s going to be on the 5th July at 6pm starting from Gosford Forest main car park. I’ll be aiming to do this within 24 hours (My actual target is currently being protected by two large dogs in the Castle basement)

Due to the logistics of a loop, it means anyone can join me at anytime so in the immortal words of Mr Keegan – ‘I would Love it!’

Oh! You can throw money into my virtual hat here –


4 thoughts on “The Gosford 100

  1. The Bogman says:

    Great effort. I’ll try to get up from Fermanagh to do a loop or two and throw some well earned £ into your hat. See you at the Mournes before that though.

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